Top view of crop anonymous person hand with red paper heart on table with stethoscope and medical mask for coronavirus prevention
For Doctors with great taste!
black stethoscope with brown leather case
For Doctors with great taste!

High Quality Cut & Sew

Printed, cut and hand-sewn by our team. Guaranteeing high quality products with no compromises just like you find on online slot games on any site described at the

Automated Order Import

Orders are automatically synced and fulfilled with our fulfillment centers, and you never have to follow-up.

Quick Delivery

We ship with FedEx®, DHL, UPS, USPS. We have multiple fulfillment centers to handle orders. USA, UK, Germany & Australia. And from there we ship each order individually.

Get Products built for doctors!


Doctoring Humour works with manufacturers and artisans across the world to source the coolest products at the prices that suit you.

This results in all our orders being shopped to you from across the world – from US, UK, Thailand, and China to Morocco. However, we do ensure we can track our orders for your extra piece of mind.

Yet because your products are coming from so far away they often take 2-3 weeks to arrive. So no worrying if the product doesn’t arrive the next day! Most of the time our product will arrive a lot quicker, but we want you to be aware this is out of our control!

This does mean we ship worldwide, so you can shop with us wherever you are.